The elephants child

Updated: 8/28/2020
The elephants child

Storyboard Text

  • WHY!!!!!!
  • exposition
  • But what did the crocodile had for dinner
  • Rising action
  • you are going to get spanked so hard
  • I think i'll have baby elephant
  • There was once was a baby elephant that asked a lot of questions.he sure was the curious little one and all of his parents and uncles and aunts spanked him for being to curious. His mother said behind the tree "if you keep asking questions i will have to spank you"but the elephant still asked questions.He still got spanked.
  • falling action
  • as the baby elephant asked his questions his aunts uncles and parents spanked him for to many questions and he asked the dreaded question what did the crocodile had for dinner.
  • resolution
  • he left home to go figure what the crocodile had for dinner and as he came closer to the crocodile and asked what do you have for dinner and the crocodile he said "i think i'll have baby elephant" and bit his and would not let go has the baby elephant pulled and the crocodile pulled his trunk got bigger and bigger until the crocodile lost grip and swam away
  • After the long struggle against the crocodile a friendly snake came by and help the baby elephant against the crocodile and the baby elephants trunk grew and grew.then after the crocodile let go his trunk was 5 feet long and the snake said you can use this to your advantage, then the baby elephant said "how" and the snake said" 1 you can you use mud to cover your self from the sun 2 you can eat grass better and 3 you can pick things up
  • when the baby elephant went home his parents are mad and his mother said "your gonna get spanked so hard" and the baby elephant said "NO!!!!!!" then he turned them around and spanked them with his five foot trunk.
  • how does it feel to be the one spanked:)
  • aaaaaahhhhhhhhh