Persian war
Updated: 12/7/2020
Persian war

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  • Rome
  • 1st Persian War
  • Carthage
  • 2st Persian War
  • Persian
  • The Persian Wars were three wars, between Carthage and Rome. The first war was caused by Carthage and Rome meeting in Sicily. They were mainly fighting for land. Carthage mainly had a naval army, but Rome had a land army! Each trying to keep the war on land/water. In the end Rome won and had more land. Carthage was in a lot of debt
  • After paying of their debt Carthage fought back. Unexpectedly, they attacked by going around the mountains by foot and then invading Rome, but he did not have the materials to conquer Rome. Where was Rome in all this? Rome was fighting a war with another kingdom and had ships ready to attack but Carthage was on foot. When the army got back to the war they headed right for Carthage. Carthage headed back as fast as they could, but Rome had blocked off their supply. Cartage surrendered . Cartage was in an even bigger debt than before!
  • Carthage felt strong enough to fight again!
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