romeo and juliet fate motif
Updated: 1/16/2020
romeo and juliet fate motif
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  • Not mad, but bound more than a madman is, shut up in prison kept without food.(1.2.57-58)
  • Act 1.2
  • Why Romeo, art thou mad?(1.2.56)
  • Ay, if I know the letters and the language(1.2.66)
  • Romeo and Benvolio on the streets of Verona
  • Perhaps you have learned it without a book. But I pray can you read anything you see? (1.2.64-65)
  • Benvolio and Romeo were talking, a Capulet servingman came and asked Romeo is he could read out the list of names of those who had been invited to the party. Romeo took the opportunity to go to the enemy party.
  • Now I’ll tell you without asking. My master is the great rich Capulet, and, if you are not of the house of Montagues” Act 1.2 lines 65-86
  • Indeed I should have asked thee that before. (1.2.84)
  • Fate is shown here when Romeo is talking about not being able to marry Rosaline. It is Romeos fate that Rosaline became a nun and now is unable to marry. If Rosaline never became a nun than\e he probably would've married her which would not end well because he is destined to be with Juliet.
  • Act 2.3
  • Romeo has not yet met Juliet. He is still in love with Rosaline, who he cannot have. Fate is important in this scene because him meeting peter and seeing Rosaline's name is what motivated him to go. Romeos fate led him to meeting peter and going to the party and meeting his love Juliet.
  • Romeo is with the Friar Lawernce
  • For this alliance may so happy prove To turn your households’ rancor to pure love.(2.3.98)
  • Romeo and Juliet’s fate was shown many times prior to their death. Their fate was laid out in front of them. Romeo initially went to the party to see his true love, Rosaline, for the last time when in reality his true love is Juliet. It is his fate that the servant couldn’t read and he had asked Romeo to help him with the list. Romeo takes this opportunity to invite himself to see his love for the last time but he end up meeting the true love of his life. This is where his fate led him to eventually meet Juiet.
  • Friar Lawrence and Rome are talking about their marriage and Friar Lawrence says some really important things.
  • Romeo is discussing how his new love loves him back while the old one did not. Fate is prominent here because he is destined to love Juliet. Fate guided Romeo and Juliet to meet and it guided Rosaline to becoming a nun.  Getting rid of Rosalines face in his head and the feelings he had for her because she can no longer marry. Romeo did was only play loving her and it wasn’t ent true love because he didn't know what love meant at this time because his fate hadn’t led him to Juliet yet.
  • I pray thee, chide not. Her I love nowDoth grace for grace and love for love allow.The other did not so(2.3.91-93)
  • Fate has Friar Lawrence motivated to marry Romeo and Juliet. His hope is that the families will stop feuding and will eventually bring peace to Verona. It is fate that has Romeo and Juliet born into two families that have such ill will towards one another, which was Friar’s incentive. If they were not from the two opposite families then Friar Lawrence probably would not have married them. This is the part where both of their fates are determine, and it helps foreshadow the future
  • Even though their fate led each other to meet each other fate also has something else in store for them. Friar Lawrence is foreshadowing that something bad will happen to the both of them. Them taking their relationship too fast like the Friar said, and then end up dying if their fate laid out for them. 
  • "Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast" (2.3.101)
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