riel returns
Updated: 6/2/2020
riel returns

Storyboard Text

  • The Métis and First Nations sent at least 15 petitions to Ottawa to address their concerns The government ignored all of them. In the summer of 1884The Métis were angry and impatient that the government was not doing anything about their complaints.They wanted Riel to be their voice.
  • a group of Métis, led by Gabriel Dumont, travelled to the United States and invited Louis Riel back to Canada.
  • When nothing happened, Riel suggested they take up arms. Many Métis didn’t want to go to battle because they knew they would be outnumbered.However, Dumont was a strong supporter of Riel. Many Métis respected Dumont, and sothey decided to join the uprising. Dumont was named general of the Métis forces.
  • Riel and the Métis set up their own government at the community of Batoche. From there, they sent a Bill of Rights to Ottawa. Among other things, they wanted the land issue solved and two new provinces created west of Manitoba. They also demanded more food rations for theFirst Nations.