Updated: 3/5/2021

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  • My life sucks. Let me show you why.
  • The story opens with "Mega Burger" employee Mitchell heading to work. This character establishes the setting, the restaurant, and "culture" of the town.
  • The Health Inspector begins his first inspection of "Mega Burger". He is oblivious to the corruption and inhumane practices the restaurant is run by, mostly due to the managers trying to cover it up.
  • Hmmm...Nothing wrong here.
  • What? No! We don't leave our food lying out like that overnight.(I am so fired.)
  • That's not rust on the grill, it's, uh...Added flavoring?(We are so getting shut down.)
  • Before he leaves, Mitchell stops the Health Inspector and gives him a view (and examples) of what the restaurant is truly like. After being told this, and seeing the reach and hold the restaurant has on the town, the inspector wants a second look.
  • Please, you must see how that place is run, or rather how it runs the town.
  • Tempted to do another inspection, but prevented from entering the restaurant again by security, the two opt to sneak in at night and perform a more rigorous inspection. The inspector becomes set on getting the place shut down.
  • This place seems far more eerie being this quiet... but where is the food cooked?
  • Maybe we can check one of the backrooms. I've never been in any of them.
  • I can't believe I had been fooled like this!
  • During their inspection, the two stumble across a backroom filled with chemicals. This is where the burgers are made, and they find some computer terminals that tell them the history of the town and restaurant. The town as a whole was an experiment run by the corporation that owns "Mega Burger" to see the effect monopoly has on people. (firstname) begins to have doubts on his own humanity, only being part of an experiment.
  • But frankly, I am more concerned about the fact that this place is a giant experiment and all...
  • Huh, the food was actually made of chemicals the whole time...
  • Give me a moment...
  • You got the chair set up?
  • After discovering the secret, the two are thrown in the town's prison by the "Mega Burger" run police. Since they could not be alive and know the truth, the two are promptly executed. Mitchell accepts the execution, believing he is no longer human. The Health Inspector's disappearance is covered up. Just before the execution, Mitchell sees his lost (who had really been executed) father's hat.
  • I was *this* close to shutting that place down, and retirement too!
  • ...