Nat Turner Rebellion Storyboard (Scott T)

Updated: 5/19/2020
Nat Turner Rebellion Storyboard (Scott T)

Storyboard Text

  • I am Nat Turner. I preach to others and I see visions!
  • We call you prophet.
  • I did but God told me to come back.
  • Wait didn't you just escape?
  • Cool. Free labor.
  • Wow. Slavery sucks. I want to avenge my people.
  • I chose you to fight back against the devil.
  • I trust all of you with my visions.
  • The eclipse is a sign from God that we begin so we shall begin in a week.
  • It is a solar eclipse tonight.
  • Kill the parents and the baby.
  • Let's group up with other slaves and murder their white masters.
  • Oh no! After my gang of murders got caught I hid in the forest but now I've been found and convicted. I have received the punishment of death by hanging.
  • The rebellion led to harsher treatment of slaves and even lead to slaves not being allowed to learn how to read.