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The Twelfth night
Updated: 3/26/2019
The Twelfth night
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  • hey Jake, Dylan and Andrew i wrote a fake letter to Daniel from 'Olivia'
  • Brilliant Maria
  • Daniels coming, hide behind that tree and put this letter where he'll see it
  • I wonder if I'm cool enough for Olivia, she did talk to me today 
  • What's this?
  • He's seen the letter!
  • Maria is telling Andrew, Jake and Dylan the plan of tricking Daniel with a fake letter from Olivia that will trick him into believing Olivia likes him
  • What an idiot
  • Is this from Olivia? to me? It's her writing
  • Daniel is about to come over so Andrew, Jake and Dylan hide behind a tree and place the letter where Daniel would easily find it
  • She likes me! the letter asks to wear yellow stockings in front of everyone to prove my love, I'm gonna date Olivia
  • Silly, silly boy
  • Daniel finds the letter
  • It worked!
  • I'm gonna look for yellow stockings, i wonder if Olivia's mum owns any
  • Daniel recognizes Olivia's writing and instantly believes it's for him
  • Daniel gets excited and believes she would date him if he were to approach her wearing yellow stockings
  • Maria's plan had worked so now Daniel is going to embarrass himself in front of everyone
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