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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/12/2019
Unknown Story
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  • "you are buetifull I love you so very much ."
  • "Lenore ?"
  • "im so scared help me someone help me "
  • Once upon a midnight dreary, there was a grieving ,lonely man, trying to sleep when he was startled by a distinct tapping ,which he thought was coming from his chamber door .
  • "nevermore"
  • "why oh why "
  • This man faintly remembered in the bleak of december ,the loss of his loved Lenore .filled with terrors he called out “sir or madam , I was napping and so faintly you came tapping , tapping at my chamber door .
  • "nevermore"
  • "what ?"
  • However there was darkness there and nothing more.deep in the darkness the man stood fearing ,and the word that was spoken was the whispered word Lenore .
  • "never more"
  • "I beg in hope to see the love of my life again "
  • Returning to his bed, the man mummerd “tis the wind and nothing more “ not settling , he jumped up and flung the shutter doors open ,and their stepped a raven .
  • This ghassley , grim and acient raven came wondering in from the nighty shore and sat perched on my statue and quoted "nevermore"what was he saying ? the man thought .he was blessed with such a creature .
  • "But the raven sat lonely forever repeating the word "nevermore"the man asked the raven in complete hope to whether he would see Lenore again .all that was repeated was the word "nevermore"what a grim ghastly , gaunt creature "grumbled the man .
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