Updated: 2/17/2020

Storyboard Description

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Storyboard Text

  • This is an awesome space! I parked my car at the carpark, walked along the pathway and swam here!
  • This is my special place! a place is any part of the Earth's surface that are identified and given a meaning by people. It can be as small as a local park or a country region.
  • Environment is categorised in 2 different types, natural and human environments. A natural environment example can be this forest! Human environments can be towns or man-made parks.
  • Change. This whole town use to be natural bush land. They changed the environment very quickly when they cut the bush down to build these roads and buildings.
  • Interconnection means that all living and non living things on Earth are connected, for example the Water Cycle.
  • Mum, you need to start being sustainable, like taking shorter showers, not leaving the tap running and leaving the stove on!
  • Oh no! The floor is flooded and the stove is on fire!