English IR Project prt.2
Updated: 2/1/2020
English IR Project prt.2
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  • Charlie sits down and finally has time to think. The clue unravels in her head
  • You're coming with us
  • Just at that moment they are captured by the Mossad (the israeli CIA) who suspect them of being traders.
  • Dante comes back and they manage to escape together to the airport but the Furies are close behind. They barely manage to escape before a fuel tank explodes almost destroying there plane.
  • On the plane Charlie explains the clue to Dane and Milana. It uses the periodic table of elements as a key and says:
  • Pa/Nd/O/Ra Li/Es In H/U/B/B/Al/S S/P/He/Re Be/Ne/At/H Ne/Pt/U/Ne/S O/P/Ti/Cs
  • Charlie and company fly to the Mount Wilson Observatory (Hubble's sphere.) There they find a box holding the equation. Charlie cracks the code and they finally have it.
  • ...then everything goes wrong
  • The Mossad burst through the trees guns raised. Charlie runs off into the woods with pandora. John Russo (the traitorous CIA agent) emerges a second later and goes after charlie. They meet at the edge of a cliff. John tries to shoot her but is interrupted when she throws a rock at his head. The bullet hits a propane tank and it explodes.
  • Charlie manages to find a piece of rubble from the explosion that resembled a snowboard. She snowboarded down the mountain taking the equation with her.
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