prairie school
Updated: 8/10/2020
prairie school

Storyboard Text

  • schooling on a prairie is as good as the stars
  • Noah,your Aunt Dora is coming to give you SCHOOLING
  • this must be my student, are you ready for some learning
  • I don't need schooling on a prairie
  • what letter is-
  • OH NO I UMM...forgot to let the chickens out
  • in 1880 the Bidsons moved to Colorado from Maine
  • its a dogtooth violet its the only lily in the area
  • I don't know
  • What is the name of that flower
  • look thats the little dipper and the Big Dipper
  • when Noah and his mother went to pick up Aunt Dora from the train station they foned out that Aunt Dora lost her ability to move legs
  • noah do you see the pictures in the sky
  • wow
  • every time she tried to teach Noah he excuses himself to do chores
  • Dear Aunt Dora,I live on a prairie but I can read and the whole world
  • one day Aunt Dora asked Noah to push her around the prairie
  • that night Aunt Dora asked Noah to push her outside
  • after that Noah started to like reading and writing. a cupel months later Aunt Dora needed to go home so they dropped her off at the train station. that night Noah wrote Aunt Dora a letter.