As Brave As You

Updated: 9/9/2020
As Brave As You

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Protagonist
  • Antagonist
  • The exposition of As Brave as You is when Genie, Ernie and there parents drive to go stay with their grandparents. Genie and Ernie had never me there grandparents before. They will stay with them while there parents go on a vacation to Jamaica. There parents are going to Jamaica because they are having issues so the want to solve them.
  • Internal and External Conflict
  • Genie is probably the protagonist of this book. Ernie and Grandpop play an important role as well. Genie is a smallish boy that is very smart. He is interested in a lot of weird things and he has a notebook that he writes everything down on and then looks it up on the internet. He is the one that helps Grand pop with everything.
  • Rising Action
  • If there had to be an antagonist it would have to be Crab. Crab is a childhood friend of Genie and Ernie's dad. He isn't really a bad guy he just speaks and the words come out the wrong way and he is very pushy. When he talks to Grandma he seems to always make her upset. He is also one of the people that pushes Ernie to shoot the gun.
  • Climax
  • The internal and external conflict for Genie is when he Genie is emotionally sad for killing Michael Jackson the bird. He is physically sad cause he has to trap a bird. Trapping a new bird replaces the dead one so grand pop wont find out even though he is blind. To catch the bird he gets a straw and a mouse trap and the bird will stick its beak in the straw.
  • The rising action of the book is the night before Ernie turns 14 and Ernie is extremely nervous. He is scared to learn how to shoot a gun but he would never tell anyone that. Genie on the other hand is really excited to watch Ernie and Genie wished he could shoot the gun himself too.
  • The climax of the book happens the day Ernie turns 14. As a family tradition when a boy turns 14 they learn how to shoot a gun. Ernie didn't really want to shoot a gun and he was scared, but he got pushed into it. He was shooting Grand pops pistol and when the gun fired it bounced back knocked two of his teeth out and he had to be rushed to the emergency room.