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Palm Up
Updated: 4/1/2020
Palm Up
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  • I think you shoul know.. the real truth behind the “Palm Oil Industry"Why I say that ? ... Take a closer look
  • It promotes a massive scale of deforestation. This was how Kelly (Orangutans) lost her home.
  • Throughout its whole process of plantation, Palm oil industry creates so much pollution and waste, that it is able to fill up to 4 Olympic football fields/day. And every Ton of palm oil, 5 ton of waste is produced..
  • ..By burning all these wastes from palm oil production, they get bio-fuel and get rid of it, polluting the air, earth and water! Looks like there is a better solution for Palm Industry...
  • All of these waste is under-utilize and badly managed. They can just stop burning the waste get the value out of it in different forms
  • Maybe I could create some bi-product, transform the waste, and help the world
  • Scene1 : (Damaged Palm Plantation)Show a devastating impact of Palm Oil Extraction Process
  • Let me introduce to you our solution! PalmUp is here to redouble the sustainability efforts in the palm oil industry. Created from 100% EFB waste, which is the most abundant form of palm waste. It is 100% decompostable, organic, non-toxic, and has perfect paper-like attributes
  • Empty Fruit Bunches
  • It takes one more step than regular manufacture. But the final cost is cheaper than what's out there!
  • Scene 2: (Palm Plantation / Mills Burning) No any other exits for Palm, since the usage trend is here to stay (Move from consumer market to fuel industry)
  • More durable than traditional paper pulp made from trees and Much cheaper relative to other alternative materials. Our product transforming the massive amount of palm waste into everyday products, we aim to reduce palm waste, plastic consumption and close the loop of deforestation and boost the trend of green!
  • Palm Up Plates
  • Palm Up Plates
  • (Scene 3: Idea Generation Scene) How can we transform Vicious to Virtuous Cycle
  • So please help us change the current palm oil industry. Together, we can find more regenerative alternatives to save the environment and reputation of palm oil dependent companies.
  • With the right connections connections and brand partners, Palm Up can make everyone in the chain more sustainable: Consumer - Brands - Producer
  • (Scene 4: Scientific Theme) Through our Innovation, We are able to extract the long-dried fiber from Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) and transform it into the Tree-free Kraft Paper pulp
  • (Scene 5: Factory Setting)Show the product line made from EFB waste in the production line, showing credibility and feasibility
  • Scene 6 : Planet Earth it's time for our planet to have a truly environmental responsible materials that didn't over utilzie any new natural resources.
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