customer journey of buying a television
Updated: 1/10/2021
customer journey of buying a television

Storyboard Text

  • PAIN POINT She feels little nervous while deciding to buy a TV.
  • I think there is a need of TV in our house...
  • But... how to find a good television. Should I buy one or not?
  • umm...which one to buy?.. which model will be a good deal at a reasonable price?
  • PAIN POINT She feels frustrated as search results and comparing prices were taking a lot of time.
  • FeaturesImprove her exposure in search results.
  • FeaturesReview the product specification page.
  • 1. Awareness: Jamie got to know about that there is a need of television in her family.
  • ABC televisionMRP: Rs 15,000 Product description:
  • ABC televisionMRP: Rs 15,000 Product description: ORDER PLACED SUCCESSFULLY
  • 2. She is really very confused as she could not take big decisions at her own.
  • ohh!!.. There are no discount offers available on any model..
  • 3. Research: •Searches for best cheap TV on search engine.•Browse and compare the prices of several companies.
  • How to set this TV? ..there is no assembling service.. it's frustrating.. erhh
  • PAIN POINT She is a bit confused because the product specification is too detailed and she does not have much knowledge about electronic gadgets.
  • 4. Consider• Consider a specific TV model on the official site of the product.•Reads the product description, specialties etc.
  • 5. Purchasing•Completes the ordering process.•Waits for the delivery.
  • FeaturesConsider “coupon code” strategy.
  • 6. Post-buying experienceHad questions about setting up TV.Disappointed by the lack of post-sales support. Moreover, there was no assembling service too.
  • FeaturesDevelop a specialized page for post-sale enquiry.Offer assembling service.
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