Eng4U Part 2
Updated: 1/20/2019
Eng4U Part 2

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  • Stop trying so hard to sell the joke
  • I felt naked, and on display... It seemed like the entire room was judging me, mocking me...
  • When I look back at that scolding, I will never forget how small it made me feel, and I'm reminded of a very important lesson that I learned that day. If I were ever fortunate to be in a position where someone needed my advice, I would never make them feel small.
  • When we took our bows, I felt so proud. So elated.
  • Kunal feels infreror to an actor
  • I, too, had a problem with the play's realism. Just as one example... COONEL. I'm sorry I had to harp on you too
  • They shredded me to pieces
  • Kunal feels embarassed 
  • I knew a great deal of investment and sacrifice had gone into me coming to this country, and I simply just didn't have the luxury or the time to feel sorry for my self
  • Kunal acts on stage infront of an audience and judges
  • I accept that I am not a good actor but at;east I've resolved one thing: I need to get better 
  • Judges critize the play by using Kunal as an example
  • Kunal feels like he is the reason they did not advance to the finals 
  • Kunal comes to a conclusion that he needs to improve his acting
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