Updated: 9/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Project timelines are steep and I am looking for 15 Mini Excavators to kick start the project.
  • Hi! I am Matt. I work for a construction company and I am leading a renovation project of a premier tourist destination in New York city.
  • I will be visiting the CONEXPO event in Las Vegas to explore the excavators
  • Shelly B.Marketing Manager, Kubota
  • Gift
  • Here’s the summary of our product range. You can visit for details. Please accept some branded merchandise as token of our appreciation for taking time out and visiting our booth
  • Matt, thank you for sharing your requirements and your contact details. We will get back to you soon
  • Shelly enters the contact details of Matt, his organization and the requirement for mini excavators in the CRM system.CRM creates a lead, calculates the lead score and assign it to the nearest dealer to Matt’s office.CRM also notifies Kubota's channel sales manager for New York territory.
  • CRM allows John to either send a pre-configured mail or make a phone call to Matt and schedule an appointment.
  • Kubota CRM notifies about the new lead to John, who is a Dealer sales representative for Kubota in New York City.
  • John meets Matt and understands the application of excavator in his project. Matt tell John that the site has rocky patches which may require rock breaker attachment in excavator.John quickly demos the excavator with rock breaker attachment using the AR app in his tablet and also informs Matt regarding an ongoing offer on rock breaker attachment. Matt is impressed and asks John to quickly submit a quote.John promises Matt to immediately send the Quote for Excavator as he captures every information in the CRM app in his tablet
  • John has captured information on the key influencers and decision makers in the Matt's Project organization. This information can be used for Personalized engagement with each stakeholder.
  • John skims through the details and prepares the quote. He uploads the quote in CRM and CRM sends it to Matt.
  • All the information that John had captured in the tablet, has been synced in the CRM