Tears Of A Tiger
Updated: 3/13/2020
Tears Of A Tiger

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  • Robbie Description sentence:He is kind of a cocky guy but cares about the people around him Strength:he is really good at basketball Weakness:he doesn't think things through Remembrance:The kid that died in the car crash struggles in life :struggled with alcohol
  • "Andy! Andy! Help me-Help me-Oh god, please don't let me die like this! Andy!
  • Tyron Description sentence:He doesn't know how to say what he is feeling Strength:He is a playboyWeakness: Doesn't know how to express himselfRemembrance:As the kid that told the story on what happened that nightStruggles:How to express himself
  • "YES" page132
  • BJ Description sentence:Feels guilty for not doing moreStrength: Doesn't drink alcohol Weakness:Thinks he is not good Remembrance:As the friend that would help others with problemsStruggle:Feels guilty
  • "is it my fault Robbie is dead" page15
  • Keshia Description sentence:She cares about people around her but doesn't know how to handle there problems  Strength:She has some patients Weakness: Doesn't know how to hang onRemembrance:As Andy's girlfriend and adviserStruggle: Doesn't know hoe to handle others emotions
  • "do you know what i put up from you" page 135
  • Monty Description sentence:He is just an innocent kid that loved his brother Strength:Is good at handling his emotions Weakness: Doesn't really have oneRemembrance:As Andy brotherStruggle:Doesn't stuggle with anything
  • Why?were you bad page125
  • Andy Description sentence:Type of guy that makes jokes so people don't know how he is feelingStrength:He is good at hiding his feelings Weakness:He doesn't know how to handle his emotions Remembrance :As a friend that was gone to soonStruggle: Depression
  • "i'm sorry for all I've done-so sorry,so very very sor-page165