Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Amaya is on her way to school where she here’s her fellow friends talk about the new people that arrived into Iran.
  • Hey girl what new people arrived to Iran.
  • hey amaya did you hear about the the new people that arrived to Iran
  • While Amaya in school she could not help but think who was the new people that arrived in Iran and why did they come.
  • Who are these new people that arrived to Iran ?
  • After school Amaya went to her job at her parent’s shop she asked her parents do they know who has arrived to Iran.
  • Honey that’s the British they have come to drill and take our oil and take it back to America
  • Her mother told her that the British had come to Iran Amaya wondered why they are here and what do they want from the people of Iran.
  • why would the British and Americans want our Oil?
  • Meanwhile in the desert or Iran a British soldier was drilling a hole to find the oil. When Amaya sees the soldier and tries to stop him.
  • AHH I found some oil to take back with me to America .
  • hey you stop we need that oil or our towns. It's one of our natural resources
  • Amaya made a deal with the solider to leave Iran and never come back The soldier took the deal and return back to his ship with his fellow soldiers.
  • I accept your deal we will leave peacefully we do not want to start a war with you and your country
  • let's make a deal that if you leave Iran peacefully I will not go to the police and tell them what you are doing.