Princess Florence's life

Updated: 1/6/2021
Princess Florence's life

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  • Princess Florence hated her life with her father, King John, her mother, Queen Elle, and her younger sister Flo. She decided to run away to a man from the other kingdom her parents had forbid her to go to: Prince Carlos.
  • Prince Carlos was glad to see princess Florence, but at the castle everyone was mad and worried about Florence's disappearance. So Florence and Carlos went to hide in forest where they would never be found.
  • But then... they were found! Princess Florence had to resume being a boring princess ruling the land, and, worst of all, Prince Carlos was thrown into prison!
  • Then, in the dead of the night, Florence tiptoed down to the jail. She had swiped the from keys from the jailer when all King John's employees had come to the grand feast in celebration of capturing Prince Carlos and finding Princess Florence.
  • Princess Florence unlocked the prison door, and Prince Carlos leapt out. Yay! He was free! "Shhhh." Whispered Princess Florence. "We have to be really quiet, or you'll get locked up again!"
  • They ran off to the border of Carlos' kingdom, and Prince Carlos asked Princess Florence to marry him! They got married, and the new king and queen lived happily ever after.