Drone Rescue
Updated: 5/5/2018
Drone Rescue
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  • . I was at my friends house, which was pretty nearby. I was talking to his dad about school while he was feeding his cat (which was named Mia by the way.) which was meowing very loud and aggresivly.
  • Their cat broke into a run, my freind frantically chased it. He shouted "Mia get back here now!" I followed him as well as his mom. We could tell Mia was running outside because she was headed to the open door.
  • The whole family ran after the cat (Including me) And my friend kept shouting "MIa come back" but she simply ignored them and using her swift feline movements, she jumped on to the lower side of the roof. Now they were frantic, while I was competly bewildered. The mom was petrified, and nervous. She was thinking that the cat could get hurt or scared. Even the dad had a frightened expession on his face. My friend even offered treats but the cat remained stationary, but it was also relaxed. I was feeling sad for the deperate family.
  • Afterwards, my thoughts got more involved in the situation. I was thinking how could I help them in this situation, besides giving hopeful advice. At the top of my mind was the quote, "A knight roves his worthiness through his deeds." Instantaneosly my mind just clicked! I had a wild idea. I could use my app controlled spy drone to see what's wrong!
  • I ran to my house and asked my dad if I could use the drone. He seemed pretty good and went along with the idea. I took the drone and ran back confident ad excited.
  • I started flying the drone so that the camera would be able to se the cat without alarming it. My friends mom muttered "Hope he knows what he is doing." but his dad reassured her. My friend started watching me in curiosity and hope.
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