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Tears of a tiger
Updated: 9/26/2019
Tears of a tiger
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  • Andy_____________~"I don't know. I guess she just assumes i'm another stupid black kid."~Andy cares about things but he is very ignorant and doesn't show it ~Basketball~He feels like its his fault Robbie is dead,Self-blame~Known for his compassion towards others and his love for b-ball~Struggling with the death of Robbie, feels like he's to blame.
  • Keisha______________~"I've never known anyone who died before..."~relationship with Andy (supports him a lot), friends with Rhonda~Good at helping people deal with problems~Sometimes she doesn't understand people~Will be known for helping Andy mostly even though she doesn't understand him sometimes~She is dealing with the death of Robbie and her boyfriend Andy's depression
  • Robbie_____________~"Teen basketball star killed in fiery crash."~Died as a senior, friend driving drunk~Basketball~Friends convinced his to go out~Dying in a car crash~Him dying made all his friends depressed or upset
  • Rhonda_______________~"Go ahead and cry, Andy."~She gossips a lot and is dating Tyrone, best friends with Keisha but she also cares a lot ~Gossip and comforting others, Writing~She gets upset easily causing her to react in the wrong ways, get the wrong impression~Known for expressing how he feels through writing, can relate/ gets gossip from this character~She struggles with the accident even though she was not involved, Take on reality (Things like that happen)
  • B.J.___________~"But what about Robbie's mama? What is she saying? "~Short, became very religious after accident, easily influenced~Has enough courage and willpower to not drink when all of his friends were.~Easily influenced, not strong willed in tough situations ~Known for not standing up when he let his friend drive drunk when he hadn't been drinking~Struggles with death of Robbie and turns to religion
  • Gerald_______________~" They ended up buying five dollars worth of death."~Abused by his father, he is stubborn~Seeing the world from different point of views.~$5 bills, Band-aids, Peanut butter~Known for being abused by his father, friends with Andy~Struggles with abuse, and the results of the accident (peoples decisions)
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