Updated: 1/29/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! Have you heard about the League of Nations?
  • Hi, yes, of course! It was an international organization founded after the Paris Peace Conference in 1919.
  • Yes! I heard they had many achievements and many failures.
  • Same! What are some achievements or successes of it that you've heard of?
  • Well, I've heard that they settled the Swedish-Finnish dispute over the Aland Islands in the 1920s; guaranteed the security of Albania; and also rescued Austria from economic disaster. What about you?
  • OH! I've heard that they settled the division of Upper Silesia in 1922, and prevented the outbreak of war in the Balkans between Greece and Bulgaria in 1925.
  • Nice! Do you know that in addition to it, the League extended considerable aid to refugees; and it helped to suppress white slave andopium traffic too?
  • Yes of course! It also did pioneering work in surveys of health and extended financial aid to needy states.
  • And, it also furthered international cooperation in labor relations and many other fields!
  • Wow, they really had a significant impact as a peacekeeping organization.
  • I absolutely agree! Well, it was great talking to you, see you next time. Bye!
  • Same here! Goodbye!