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Science boi 2
Updated: 3/30/2020
Science boi 2
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  • Hey, why aren't you exhaling oxygen? You're exhaling carbon dioxide! Also, you should be creating glucose!
  • You can't! You can never be a plant because you simply aren't good enough!
  • Ok, how do I fix that?
  • Why can't I be a plant, I just photosynthesized!
  • You can't be a plant because you don't got chlorophyll, which is kinda a necessity for photosynthesis! You only have mitochondria, which only does respiration!
  • Ok, how do I get them?
  • Ugh, I should have told you this before... Dude, you can't since you're an animal, and they can't do photosynthesis, only plants. Animals and plants do respiration.
  • Respi-what?
  • Respiration is when the mitochondria in your body use glucose and oxygen to make energy for your body, while also making carbon dioxide and water as waste.
  • Yeah, and you fell for it! I only did it because you said plants are stupid, though!
  • Oh I understand now! Man, photosynthesis is so important! So you were just messing with me?
  • Usually, since plants can't eat food, they make it themselves, which is why they do photosynthesis. Also--
  • Ok Fred, we all know how you like to brag about how smart you are. Anyways, Chloe, I'm sorry. Plants aren't stupid, they're amazing!
  • Yeah, I'm sorry for messing with you back then.
  • It's okay, I forgive you.
  • Wait, I'm not done yet! Humans like us eat food for energy. But all of that energy comes from plants making glucose because all animals either eat a plant or eat an animal that eats a plant! This means that plants doing photosynthesis is essential for all animals! Oh, wait, also--
  • Give it a rest, Fred!
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