Updated: 6/24/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hey!My name is Ryan and im a simp.I pay for girls dinner,taxes and their rent.I also do all the cleanin,cookin and all of these chores for them.i recently,i fell in love with the Indian girl who's called chi hu lion chow!my goal is to help her do everything and kiss her!
  • hey!,my name is chi hu lian chow!Ryan does all my chores, pays all my stuff and does everything for me! He recently has been pretty interested me but I hate him.Why havent I left him yet?im trying to earn more money from him so I get strikin rich then I leave!that is my goal!
  • hey!my name Is chowhanggao!Boys always have higher level and iq then women!All women are slaves and they should help us men to do our work!My dream is to make a fair society where boys are better then girls!
  • hey yall!my name is gaogaobumbum!I live with these crazy fellas named Ryan,chi hu lion chow and chaohanggao.They argue all the time and dont really get along. Ryan throws a tantrum when someone touches chi hu lion chow and chowhangao keeps on threatening chi hu lion how with guns and knives!My dream is to get a job and move out of the house!