Dating Rules
Updated: 3/29/2021
Dating Rules

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  • Doggie dance scores!
  • How did you even get a job as a babysitter?!
  • I stand corrected. Mom, DAVID have a seat.
  • See I told you!
  • Anyone want to tell me why you went on a date without telling me?
  • Well every time I go out on a date with someone and I tell you, you scare them off. So David asked his brother to babysit you for me.
  • I will make an exception. DAVID, have her home before 10:00, not at 10:00, not 10:01 not 11:00, BEFORE 10. Do not waste your money on fancy dates that will go to my clothes, children first. If you are late home, I will be joining you guys on your next date. Do not share your meals or drinks with one another, use your manners. I will check what you are wearing before you leave for your date.
  • This was your first time babysitting.
  • I lost her one time!
  • Yeah, I have that noted.
  • Rules are rules. If your late, I'll join your date.
  • You just let us leave the secrete room, we got stuck in traffic.