To Kill A Mockingbird Project (The Incident of the Mad dog)
Updated: 1/23/2020
To Kill A Mockingbird Project (The Incident of the Mad dog)
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This shows from when Calpurnia went to the Radley's house to warn them about Tim Johnson (the mad dog) to when Tim Johnson, the town pet, was killed by Atticus.

Storyboard Text

  • They won't come out anyway, Cal.
  • I don't care, I am going to tell them, you stay in that house.
  • I know that it is February, Miss Eula May, but I know a mad dog when I see one ma'am please hurry.
  • Radley's got a phone, Jem?
  • Mr. Nathan, Mr. Arthur, mad dog's comin'!
  • stay inside son,Where is he Cal?
  • He oughta be here by now.
  • Naw sir, he's in the twitchin' stage, Mr. Heck.
  • We better wait, Mr. Finch. They usually go in a straight lone, but you can never tell. He might follow the curve or he will go straight into the Radley's backyard. Let's wait.
  • Not runnin' , is he?
  • Heck, I haven't shot a gun in thity years but I will try.
  • Don't waste time, Heck, Go on.
  •  There he is
  • Mr. Finch, this is a one-shot job.
  • He's got it alright. Take him Mr. Finch.
  • POW
  • Always was, If I had my druthers, I'd take a shotgun.
  • You were a little to the right Mr.FInch.
  • POW
  • The End
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