Agriculture storyboard Preston Troncale
Updated: 2/16/2021
Agriculture storyboard Preston Troncale

Storyboard Text

  • Have you ever heard of Pastoral Nomadism? Its a type of subsistence agriculture.
  • No, I haven't. Tell me more. Where in the world is it practiced?
  • It is mostly in dry climates. It is not as popular as it was before but some still practice it. It is only found in LDCs. Some countries where it still exists are Kenya, India, and Nepal.
  • That's really cool. What do they do though?
  • They actually herd livestock such as cows, sheep, goats, and horses. Its really cool. They're nomads so they herd their animals to different places to raise them. They usually move to different pastures depending on the season. They don't typically use much machinery and rely mostly on human labor.
  • But why do they do it? Do they eat their animals?
  • Oh, what are the benefits of it?
  • Actually they don't usually slaughter the animals they domesticate. They raise them for their fur and produce. Since it is subsistence farming the products are mostly for themselves. Some of it is for trading though.
  • One benefit is that they produce valuable products. Another is that they usually treat their animals much better than many commercial farms. Another benefit for people before better transportation was created was that they were considered old taxis, They could help people to traverse the land.
  • That is interesting. What are the challenges?
  • One challenge is that the governments are trying to get rid of them. They want to resettle them in order to use the land. Another challenge is that it causes environmental problems, Soil erosion and water degradation. This is caused by their livestock and is very bad for the environment.
  • Ms. McGehee did!
  • Thanks for telling me about this! Who taught it to you?