to kill a mockingbird 6-8

Updated: 5/12/2020
to kill a mockingbird 6-8

Storyboard Text

  • Chapter 6
  • Run! He saw us!
  • Chapter 7
  • Someone is leaving it for us, just like my when I found my pants folded over the fence.
  • Chapter 8
  • Where did you get that from?
  • Jem and Dill convinced Scout to peek into the windows of the Radley house. They got caught and Jem had to leave his pants. He then he had to make up a story to explain why he did not have pants.
  • Jem and Scout encountered twine in the tree near the Radley house and believe that someone is leaving things for them. Later they find it strange when they discover that the hole is covered with cement.
  • The kids waited in front of the Radley house for Atticus, as he was helping Miss Maudie whose house was on fire. Mysteriously, a blanket appears in Scout's shoulders. They agree that Boo may have put it on her.