Sophia Berg - Act Four Romeo and Juliet Story Board

Updated: 5/12/2020
Sophia Berg - Act Four Romeo and Juliet Story Board

Storyboard Text

  • Scene I
  • Scene II
  • Scene III
  • Juliet goes to visit Friar Lawrence, and meets Paris there. Paris, the man her parents have agreed upon for her to marry, clearly believes Juliet to be in love with him, while in reality she is already married to Romeo. After his departure, she confesses her predicament to the Friar, who understands and gives her a vial of medicine that will make the consumer appear dead for a day, and tells her that he shall send for Romeo after she takes it for him to take her with him.
  • Scene IV
  • Juliet goes to her father and proclaims her love for Paris and her wish for them to be married the next day. He is elated and begins preparations after she declares her loyalty to her family and himself, and her wish to please the Capulet's and follow through with her engagement. Finally, she bids her Nurse to come with her to choose her gown for the next day, with all of them unaware that she does not plan to go through with the wedding at all,
  • Scene V
  • After discussing with her mother and her Nurse, Juliet bids them let her sleep that night before her wedding in peace. She then begins a soliloquy of her worries of taking the medicine given to her by the Friar, on whether it will work, or whether Romeo will come for her when she awakens. Finally, after putting a knife on her table in the case that the medicine does not work, she takes it and falls into a death-like sleep.
  • Act V Scene I (Extra)
  • The rest of the castle, unaware of the procession of events since Scene III, continue with the planning of the wedding that they believe will occur the following day, although in reality, Juliet will appear to be dead to the entirety of the castle and the wedding will, most likely, be cancelled in exchange for a funeral.
  • The next morning, the Nurse discovers Juliet dead in her bedchamber, and immediately calls her father and mother in to see their daughter's death. The friar also quickly arrives with the musicians who were to play at the wedding, and tells the family not to mourn, but to rejoice of Juliet's arrival in heaven. The Friar, however, is actually aware of Juliet's situation, yet must keep it a secret. The family begins to prepare for the funeral and the musicians chat with Peter.
  • Romeo learns of the death of Juliet from his servant, who, like the rest of the castle, is unaware that her death is only a ruse. Before learning of the Friar and Juliet's plan, Romeo quickly travels to Verona to see if the news is true and his love has died.