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Updated: 7/13/2018
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  • *Pency Prep*
  • That's a professional secret, buddy.
  • *Holden and Stradlater fights, resulting in Holden suffering a bloody nose*
  • What'd you do? Give [Jane] the time in Ed Bunky's car?
  • *Edmont Hotel Room*
  • *Sunny takes the $5 from his wallet, Holden starts crying, Maurice punches him in his stomach.*
  • I told you about ten times, I don't owe you a cent. I already gave her the five-
  • Chief, you're gonna force me inna roughin' ya up a little bit ... you owe us five bucks.
  • Holden traveled to New York, hired a room at the Edmont Hotel and a prostitute.
  • *Museum of Natural History*
  • Holden is slowly starting to feel more lonely, wandering around New York aimlessly, visiting places where he thinks his sister may be.
  • In that museum, everything always stayed right where it was. Nobody'd move. The only thing that would be different would be you.
  • *Holden soon left to meet up with Sally Hayes for his date with her, but he didn't want to go anymore*
  • *Central Park*
  • Holden's date with Sally ended terribly, he broke the record he bought Phoebe and now he is drunk and believing that he is going to die soon.
  • Boy, I was shivering like a bastard ... I started thinking how old Phoebe would feel if I got pneumonia and died .. I figured I better sneak home and see her, in case I died and all.
  • Holden decides to sneak home to see Phoebe, afraid that his parents might catch him.
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