ThE LiGHTNiNG THiEf ~ Hannah Kim
Updated: 2/3/2020
ThE LiGHTNiNG THiEf ~ Hannah Kim
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  • Exposition
  • Return it! You will face less pain if you do so!
  • So... where to?
  • Conflict
  • Blaaa!
  • Rising Action
  • Wait a minute...
  • Percy's math teacher attempts to kill him, but fails. He is then sent to Camp Half-Blood, a camp for demigods like Percy. He is revealed as the son of Poseidon.
  • Climax
  • Percy and his friends need to complete a quest to clear his father's name as Zeus's lightning thief before the summer solstice and do it against time and nature.
  • Falling Action
  • Traveling across the United States, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover meet Ares in Denver, go to Vegas, and get stuck in the Lotus Hotel and Casino for 5-6 days before breaking out and continuing with only one day left to complete their quest.
  • Resolution
  • You did good on your quest.
  • In Hades's realm, Percy stands before him with Zeus's lightning bolt is his hand. Shocked, Percy knows he is not the thief but then realizes who is. 
  • After winning a duel against Ares, Percy returns to Camp Half-Blood. Luke invites him down to the river, then reveals himself as the true thief as the true thief of Zeus's Master Bolt.
  • *whispers* I was the thief... mwahah
  • After making amends with his father, Poseidon, Percy decides to return to New York for the school year and live with his mother and goes on with his life.
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