Updated: 3/9/2020

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  • Buuuuurp!
  • Knock knock
  • Achoo!
  • Once upon a time there was a little wolf that lived in a forest near an old village. Whenever she went out she rode in a little red carriage, so every wolf in the forest called her Little Red Riding Wolf.
  • One morning, Little Red Riding Wolf asked her mother if she could go visit her grandmother as it had been awhile since they had seen each other. “That's a good idea” said her mother. So they packed a nice basket for Little Red Riding Wolf to take to her grandma. When the basket was ready, the little wolf got in her red carriage and kissed her mother goodbye.
  • "Remember, go straight to Grandma wolf’s house," her mother cautioned. "Don't dawdle along the way and please don't talk to strangers! The woods are dangerous."Don't worry, mommy," said Little Red Riding wolf, "I'll be careful." But when Little Red Riding wolf noticed some lovely flowers in the woods, she forgot her promise to her mother.