Quality of Life
Updated: 1/29/2020
Quality of Life
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Quality of Life Storyboard

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  • Identifying a Macro QOL Issue
  • Okay guys. Identify a possible quality of life topic that you want to write about in your background paper.
  • Well, let's try to make it more specific. Maybe, how expiration dates impact food waste.
  • Uh, do you wanna do expiration dates and how it relates to food waste?
  • Food waste.
  • Sure!
  • Do you want to be my partner for Quality of Life?
  • So, what's our topic?
  • I guess, yeah.
  • Background Research
  • Okay so, Mr. Rader gave us a list of pre-approved sources such as the New York Times, BBC, HSTAT library databases, and more...
  • ...and for our scholarly journals, we should go to the Academic OneFile
  • Okay. You search for the articles and then we can split up the work from there.
  • After countless hours of doing research, we began to write our background paper.
  • Identifying a Knowledge Gap
  • So to identify a knowledge gap, you need to find something to research in that is known very little about.
  • Sure, let's use that in our background paper.
  • Since there are many attempts to stop food waste but failed, why don't we find out how to target our response better?
  • We had a general topic of what we wanted to do research on but we needed our topic to be more specific.
  • Contacting an Expert
  • When finding experts, find which types of experts matches with your background paper.
  • To: ×êâ÷àæFrom: Brandon Lin
  • To: Expert
  • Ú÷ë²÷êâ÷àæ¼²Û²úóä÷²áýÿ÷²ãç÷áæûýüá¼²Æúóüùá²ôýà²ëýçà²ûüâçæ¼
  • Got it. Just remember to connect it to the prompts so it's easier to write the background paper later on.
  • We were trying to find a way to split up the work evenly between us so that we would not be behind schedule and would be able to begin writing our background paper.
  • Articulating a QOL Field Research Question
  • Alright, we have done research on expiration dates and its impact on food waste, along with how food waste impacts the environment and economy.
  • Since many people didn't know questions regarding to our topic, we decided to ask questions based on the economy.
  • Developing a Data Collection Tool
  • At the beginning of the year, we briefly went over the different types of survey variables: Demographic, behavioral, knowledge, and attitudinal.
  • At home:
  • We looked for local professionals and organizations to contact because they were a good fit since they were included in our background paper.
  • I can't find the experts' emails!!
  • It's fine. I'll find and text what their emails are.
  • Sent!
  • 2 days later...
  • Send
  • 2
  • We gathered our research together to create a field research question.
  • Yeah we could use that for our field research question.
  • So our field research question could be "How do expiration dates affect food waste in the city of New York?"
  • We decided to write our surveys using multiple different survey variables. Our survey consisted of 12 questions and we decided to do random sampling, as it affected the whole of New York.
  • Out of the 3 types of sampling, purposive, cluster, and random, find which one best matches your quality of life topic.
  • The survey should be around 10-15 questions and you need to have at least 250 responses.
  • You should also look for correlations between two different types of variables you have
  • Hmm.. What questions should I ask?
  • Now I just need to distribute them.
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