kate chopin
Updated: 3/11/2020
kate chopin

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  • *sigh*if only... he were gone freedom would be in my reach
  • OH MY GOSH i'm so happy i'm free at last.
  • oh my gosh i'm so heartbroken
  • your husband is dead i'm so sorry for your loss.
  • WHAT?? how are you still alive??
  • don't worry about that where's my wife
  • If only she had some freedom in her life she be so much happier with the way things were.
  • Only an hour
  • Aren't you happy to see me my darling?
  • .At last she had got what she wanted but little did she know it would all change in a short matter of time
  • She was so devastated by what she saw she couldn't bear it.
  • i'm sorry but... she's gone she died of heart trouble
  • Louise ran to her room and cried her freedom only lasted an hour and it was all taken away... just like that.
  • Brently thought his wife was going to be happy to see him but he thought wrong instead she walked him off and went to her room.
  • Brently called the doctor because Louise looked ill he was right she was but it was to late... she was gone.
  • NO this can't be