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Updated: 2/7/2020
Science Comic Book Project
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  • Hi, my name is Alfred Wegener. And I proved Pangaea with the Continental Drift theory.
  • My theory wasn't accepted at first, so I had to travel to heck and back to support it. ( I actually didn't come back, but that's beside the point.) My point is, I went through A LOT to prove my theory and it was eventually recognized.
  • Plate Tectonics!
  • When the Asthenosphere and the Lithosphere spread apart,it is called Ridge Push. The pressure generated causes the plates to move
  • And as the subducting plate is sinking, a force called Slab Pull causes the whole plate to fall to the Mantle.
  • A Convergent Boundary is when two plates collide. With one subducting to the Mantle to melt and the other one staying above as land.
  • Convergent Boundaries
  • Let's talk about Convergent Boundaries.
  • About 175 million years ago, a supercontinent known as "Pangaea" began to break apart. Ultimately forming our seven continents of today. 50 years after Alfred's death, his theory was finally confirmed by Harry Hess with the concept of Seafloor Spreading.
  • A Divergent Boundary is where two plates move APART. Divergent Boundaries "oftenly" form Mid-Ocean Ridges and deep Rift Valleys.
  • Divergent Boundaries!
  • Plate tectonics move due to the immense heat in the Earth's core. The heat creates convection, this is a process when warm and cool materials rise and sink to create motion in the plates.
  • Transform Boundaries!
  • Now that those two are out of the way, let's get to the easiest one to remember. Transform Boundaries.
  • When two plates collide at a Convergent Boundary, a lot of things could take place. Like earthquakes. And because the plates move at about 3 cm a year, a collision between two plates can possibly form mountains and volcanoes. You can find a Convergent Boundary at the Washington-Oregon coastline in the USA.
  • The United States borders the Eurasian Plate with it's North American plate. Making us Californian's on the North American plate as well.
  • You may have heard rumors or seen movies about California falling into the ocean after an earthquake, but this may not be entirely true. Some research says that it may eventually happen, but not anytime soon.
  • You can find a Divergent Plate boundary between the North American plate and the Eurasian plate. A good example would be the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
  • A Transform Boundary is when two plates horizontally SLIDE past each other. It can create large fault lines and ginormous cracks in the surface. A great example for this would be the San Andreas Fault.
  • According to, there are 39 gas and oil pipelines intersecting with the San Andreas fault. And if there is another huge earthquake, it could cause deadly explosions. And with reliable information, I do believe the plates will cause the continents to merge again. Just like they did millions of years ago.
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