Middle task part 3
Updated: 3/16/2021
Middle task part 3

Storyboard Text

  • Her sons seems to be the ideal number 1 suspects.
  • This case seems easy... too easy...
  • Hey ! Are you Mr. Johnson ? I glad you're still here
  • ?
  • Do you know where is her butler ?
  • Oh excuse me, I didn't present myself. I'm the lawyer of Mrs.Smith.
  • Oh yes, he just goes out of the house. Why do you need to see him ?
  • And then I learned the death of Mrs. Smith.
  • Mrs. Smith called me some days ago for her will. She wanted to changed it. And I was particulary surprised by her choice for it ! And the butler too...
  • So does it mean...
  • I was wrong since the beginning ?
  • After 30 years old of service, he couldn't bear to go after the dog...
  • The End