Updated: 7/28/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Izzy was sitting in bed reading her favorite fairy tale book wishing she was in it herself...
  • Wow!!! This book is amazing! I wish I was in it...
  • She went to her favorite hiding spot when she saw some kind of portal. She decided to call her friend come over before going in.
  • Woah...what's this? Oh! My hand goes through it! I've got to call Adleaide!!!
  • Are you serious, Izzy? I'll be right over. But I still don't believe it's a portal to the fairy tale world.
  • Adelaide and Izzy find themselves in the fairytale world and get help from a stranger named Zadee
  • Hi! Do you think you can help us get home?
  • Sure! I'm Zadee by the way!
  • Zadee's advisor, Ellie begged for Zadee not to go through with her plan but Zadee refuses to listen
  • I'll do what I want Ellie!!!!
  • Please don't do this to them...
  • Soon Adelaide and Izzy are tricked and are pushed down the well by Zadee! They probably shouldn't have trusted a stranger...THE END
  • What are you guys doing?