Ready Player One book project
Updated: 1/23/2020
Ready Player One book project
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  • I am Wade Watts and I like using the Oasis because of what I can be there unlike the real world.
  • I am the first ever to get the key!
  • Introduction of setting:In 2045, Columbus, Ohio is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, people live in the stacks as it is the home of many, but while people live there or other parts of the world, people live more on the Virtual Reality called.... The OASIS.
  • Better question is who cares? I'll cut him a deal to stop his hunt and if he disagrees.. I'll use another form of persuasion.
  • This parzival (Wade), who is he and how is he winning?
  • Introduction of character:Wade Watts is like millions others, he uses the OASIS as an escape from reality due to what they can be there with the only limits being their imagination. Wade like many others has also joined the hunt for keys that the dead creator left behind so someone inherits the whole OASIS.
  • I got the second key, now I need to get the third before IOI.
  • Rising Action:For many years, no one has been able to ever obtain the first bronze key due to its difficulty even though they know where it is, however Wade obtains a hint from Halliday's memories that leads Wade to being the first ever to obtain the key with his friends after him.
  • Rising Action 2:Obtaining the first key has made Wade famous but has also caught the attention of the rival of the OASIS company, IOI which is also on the hunt for the keys and also is now targeting Wade to keeps him from obtaining the keys by trying to cut a deal and blowing up his home in the stacks.
  • Main Conflict/Problem:Wade must find the last 2 keys before IOI so they can't have control of the Oasis, but while he and his friend are able to obtain the 2nd key, IOI begins increasing the search for them making it a race against time for Wade
  • Question:Will Wade succeed in obtaining the third final key before IOI does or will IOI win against Wade and gain full control of the Oasis?
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