Carbon cycle comic
Updated: 9/10/2020
Carbon cycle comic

Storyboard Text

  • What a nice day for a picnic,the air is so clear and clean in these woods
  • Im so tired, I have spent all day using photosynthesis to create clean oxygen for these girls.
  • Because she likes to use coal a fossil fuel,to give it a smoky taste 
  • Come on lily we still have 1 mile to go,till we get back home.
  • The air is thinner up here,because there is less trees to help us use respiration to breath therfore, IM OUT OF BREATH,please SLOW DOWN,I knew I shoudnt have worn high heals.
  • I am SO happy we are back...wait whats that smell?
  • Mom why is your food smoking!?
  • Its just a bit of combustion,no need to worry Sam,im making your favorite, chicken noddle 
  • Dinner will be ready in 20 mins
  • What made your mothers food to smoke if she was just cooking chicken? 
  • Lets go wait out side,I cant stand the heat from the smoke
  • I wonder why it became so hot in there,its not like there was a fire
  • You see,the burning of fossil fuels through combustion has caused excessive carbon dioxide to be released into the air,causing temperatures to increase
  • Actually this is something that is occuring globaly
  • Dinners ready 
  • Is that mushrooms in the chicken noodle soup,blah,mushrooms are gross
  • Actually mushrooms are a decomposer and they help break down dead plants ad animals,and release carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, this is all through a process called decombustion.
  • I dont care what it is im starving,lets eat