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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/10/2020
Unknown Story
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  • i love working ! let's continue to work. wait..what happened to me again ?
  • ....What on earth had happened to you ?! are you okay ?!!
  • "Well, here's work to do doctor !!" haha i am fine guys don't worry ;)
  • omg..what happened to Phineas ??
  • iron rod
  • left frontal lobe
  • Phineas was a man with the courage to work, with a positive, cheerful, bright attitude all the time. As usual, he was working in the railroad construction when an iron rod that he had with him just stabbed him in the cheek accidently that went through his left frontal lobe in his brain. Even though he got the injury, his behavior was calm and fine with the attitude that he was fine and didn't have to worry about him.
  • .....i'm hurt :( okay Phineas have it your way. (again .)
  • When he got to the hospital, his personality was still calm and contious. He was talking on his own, explaining to others what happened, and even, said to his doctor that he was fine. I think his positive and good attitude made him survive this tragedy. Meanwhile, the doctor didn't even believe what was being shown in front of him. He was too shocked, but promised Phineas that he will try his best.
  • managed to survive the injury, but had a huge change on his personality after getting stabbed in the left frontal lobe. 'God healed him.'
  • Phineas's Journal
  • Unfourtunately, Phineas got his injury on the brain which was a hard process to survive on, but fortunately, he managed to survive. he continuously stayed positive and happy during the recovery, and was able to recover very quickly. He had tough times, but he went through it and managed to survive ! Most of the doctors didn't believe at that time, that a man survived a brain injury that mostly could've caused Phineas to die of any virus infections. This also proved that he survived because it was a miracle, and that he was the luckiest of any man.
  • i was lucky and unlucky at the same time !!
  • Unlucky or lucky, after his recovery there was a damage in his personality and his personality changed in an aggressive way. he was angry and upset all the time, shouting at people if he found something that distracted him. People, even his close friends started to avoid him and stated that that man standing over there, wasn't Phineas Gage that they knew. As Phineas himself, hearing those comments and gossips about him might have left him a big wound on his mind, and maybe that was the particular reason why his personality was getting worse every day.
  • Dr.Harlow kept writing and taking notes on how he changed, and that helped the modern science, to more investigate on how brain works and what impacts the human could possibly get when getting damaged at a certain area of the brain. Phineas let scientists discover more about microorganisms and bacterias. He surprised many doctors too, for sure. Survivng in a brain injury in the 1800s is not a common thing to have, and it let us know what kind of a person he was, and how he did.
  • by Dr.Harlow
  • Even though it has been a tragedy that Phineas had his accident, I personally think he was a lucky man to survive this deadly injury. The iron rod might have changed directions and went through his right frontal lobe or anywhere that might have more damage than just his personality. He also might not have survived the surgery because the technology wasn't good enough, or that he had side effects from the surgery. it is a fortunate event that he survived, and only got the damage of his personality rather than like losing his memory. I think Phineas's old personality saved him to survive, and even though it changed completely, I think he was lucky to have his personality :)
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