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Louis Pasteur Fights Anthrax
Updated: 9/8/2018
Louis Pasteur Fights Anthrax
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  • Here lies Doctor Francois. Killed by a grieving widower.
  • Isn't it true that you practice medicine of a kind?
  • Do you not know that I am a chemist?
  • I don't practice medicine. I am trying to put a stop the negligence to those who do!
  • Why are these sheep not being affected by anthrax?
  • Doctor Francois was shot by a man whose wife died from childbed fever not long after Francois delivered her baby. Louis Pasteur had written a message saying "Doctors! Surgeons! Wash your hands. Boil your instruments. Microbes cause disease and death to your patients.
  • These sheep have not been vaccinated!
  • Will the vaccination work or will Pasteur be laughed out of his own town?
  • These sheep have been vaccinated!
  • Louis Pasteur was invited to the Emperor's party. He brought his slides so the emperor could see the germs on the slides. Although the emperor did not look at the slides, his wife did. Louis was then told not to tell any more theories until he put them in writing to the Academy of Medicine.
  • These sheep have not been vaccinated!
  • The sheep are alive! The vaccination has worked! 
  • These sheep have been vaccinated!
  • Two men from the Agricultural Board of the New Republic set out to find out why the sheep from a small town was not dying from anthrax. They found out that the sheep were being vaccinated by Pasteur's team.
  • All I want now is for you to predict the hour of my death!
  • The Academy of Medicine heard of the vaccination and call for a meeting. In that meeting, Pasture bet against a doctor. The doctor would inject the sheep with blood from an animal who died from the virus and see if the vaccine works.
  • After a few days, everyone returned to the sheep. The sheep who did not get the vaccination were found dead. The ones that Pasteur vaccinated were found asleep until a dog barked waking them up. A few weeks later, rabies took the place of the anthrax virus
  • When Doctor Charbonnet arrived at Pasteur's lab, he injected himself with a weakened vaccine of the rabies virus to disprove Pasteur. Confused on how Charbonnet was still living, Pasteur was able to figure out that the virus was older.
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