Rachels Plot Storyboard
Updated: 9/24/2018
Rachels Plot Storyboard
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  • Exposition- It is the year 2081. The government has forced everyone to be equal. The main character, Harrison Bergeron, is in jail for being too cool. The setting is inside the Bergeron House where Harrison Bergeron's parents are mentioned watching TV.
  • Rising Action- A news report flashes on the television and says that Harrison Bergeron, their son, has escaped.
  • Climax- On the TV, it shows that Harrison had indeed barged in on the ballet show that his parents were watching. He rips off his chains and claims he is emperor and declares a ballerina. After this commotion, he and the ballerina is shot.
  • Falling Action- Hazel Bergeron has witnessed the death of her son and is taking it all in while the dad got up to get a beer. The television then went out.
  • Resolution- George had went to get a beer and missed his son's death. He returns and asks Hazel why she is crying. She cannot seem to remember but does know that it was a sad thing. She can unscramble thoughts in her mind but George cannot make sense of anything because at that moment, the audio transmitter blasts the sound of a gun into his head.
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