Scary Story
Updated: 6/11/2020
Scary Story

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  • The Curse of the Missing High Schooler
  • By: Rachel Friedman
  • Mitchell was dared to disobey the bold danger sign, and jump into the frigid river in the middle of the jet black woods.
  • The popular high schoolers arrived at a tarnished brown log cabin in the middle of the swampy woods. Mitchell sat in an upward position with his feet dangling over the crystal clear water, and his crumpled map tightly gripped in his right hand. Mitchell loved exploring new territories and pretty scenery. He smiled as he stared at the perfect cloudless sky while marking new landmarks on his map.
  • Mitchell, Jane, Allison, and Kyle are a close group of Knollwood High Schoolers on their way to a weekend getaway in the blistering hot town of Driggs, Idaho. Mitchell has always been an outcast in his group of friends due to his ADHD and hyperfocus.
  • I choose dare!
  • The clouds began to rumble when Mitchell choose dare.The smell of ashes and burnt firewood distracted Mitchell.
  • Truth or Dare...
  • Guys look at the stormy gray clouds emerging, but it's still Mitchells turn!
  • He will definitely choose truth... such a baby! Does he ever put down that useless "treasure" map?
  • Following a massive boom of thunder from the dark clouds, a noisy hiss from a roaring, mysterious, red creature caused Jane, Allison, and Kyle to run for their lives and leave behind Mitchell in the stormy woods. Mitchell was soaking wet, so he used his large cardboard map to dry his body off.
  • DANGER Mysterious Creatures
  • HISS!
  • Mitchell still needed to protect himself from the dangerous snake. The sun peeped out from the bright cloud, which signaled Mitchell to whip out his map and crush the spooky snake until he dropped dead. Mitchell could taste the thick dark blood of the snake as it splattered and the odored smell of a newly deceased body. Mitchell felt superior at that very moment.
  • Mitchell was fed up with his friends being able to walk all over him, so he navigated himself throughout the eerie forest instead of returning to the cabin. The smell of putrid decaying leaves left Mitchell wanting more. His journey was quickly terminated when he ran into three slithery spiders and a fire breathing dragon. The creatures came after him and attacked, until the rain poured down from the clouds and washed the spiders out.
  • SPLAT!
  • Mitchell navigated himself back home with his map and popped out through the rustic, rundown and funky smelling sewer, leaving his parents in complete shock. On this perfect day, the radiant sun and puffy clouds awaited Mitchells arrival.
  • Back home, Mitchells parents lost fate in his return after his friends returned home days without him. The taste of salty tears flew into Mitchell's mother's mouth. The suspenseful tic of the clock drew more rage into Mitchell's father's body. They stood at the cemetery for hours in the persistent rain, believing that Mitchell's life was over indefinitely. Until....