Water Cycle
Updated: 12/18/2020
Water Cycle

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  • Once I was a little flake of snow on the top of a mountain...
  • ...Who came to life during a winter snowstorm after water drops formed in clouds, and the drops fell from the atmosphere onto Earth's groundwater as precipitation. Due to the cold climate, the precipitation built up into snow and I was born!
  • Life As A DripBy: Rachel Friedman
  • (Precipitation)
  • I turned from a water vapor gas into a solid
  • As more flakes joined me on the mountain, we melted and traveled downhill through the process of runoff, where we flowed into the ocean. From there, energy from the sun-heated me and my friends up and caused us to evaporate into water vapor and enter the atmosphere.
  • I entered the atmosphere
  • (Evaporation)
  • I left the atmosphere
  • I left surface water
  • I turned from a liquid into a gas
  • Once I entered the atmosphere, I joined forces with some other water vapor molecules and condensed into a cloud. During this process, I released some heat into the atmosphere. Once there was enough water vapor in the cloud, I fell into the groundwater.
  • (Condensation)
  • I turned from a gas into a liquid
  • The roots of the tree took me up from the groundwater, where I then entered the biosphere. As I helped the trees breathe, I was released from the tree's leaves into the atmosphere through the process of transpiration.
  • (Transpiration)
  • I turned from a liquid into a gas
  • It suddenly got very cold, and I immediately skipped the solid phase and turned from a water vapor gas molecule in the atmosphere to solid frost on the ground through the process of deposition.
  • I entered an ice reservoir
  • (Deposition)
  • I turned from a gas into a solid
  • Eventually, I melted back into a water droplet where I traveled through the groundwater and ended up in a nearby freshwater lake (surface water). From there, I was scooped up by a nice man and brought to a water production facility where I was then put into a water bottle...
  • …and then some high school junior drank me up!
  • I remained a liquid
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