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Updated: 5/4/2019
Domestic stuff

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  • Whiskey Rebellion
  • you guys need to chill and calm down and not rebel against us, we will shoot
  • ok
  • Federal Judiciary Act of 1789
  • We have a Judicial branch now yay
  • Marbury v. Madison
  • We have judicial review now.
  • The whiskey rebellion is when the government put a tax on whiskey but since whiskey was made out of corn the farmers started to rebel against the new government and the government put them in their place.
  • Sedition Act
  • the government is tra
  • This act established courts and the judicial branch of government 
  • Alien Act
  • yeah with the alien act thats the only way you can become a citizen
  • This was the case that established judicial review. Which made it to where judges could deem a law unconstitutional.
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • I need the money for France and the war against Britain i don't even want this land i'll give it to you for 15 million.
  • This act made it illegal to speak out against the government.
  • ah ah ah do not speak out against the government thanks to the sedition act
  • This act stated that before you could apply for citizenship you had to live in the United States for 14 years.
  • can i become a citizen now i've been living here for 14 years now
  • The Louisiana Territory, was bought by Thomas Jefferson from Napoleon for 15 million. We were originally going to buy New Orleans and Florida but Napoleon didn't want the territory but he needed the money. We bought it in 1803.
  • Ok here is the money this is our land now
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