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Features of the Era
Updated: 10/11/2020
Features of the Era
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  • Government in BaghdadAl-Hisbah
  • Dawawin & Al-Wazara
  • Postal System
  • 1-the office of al hisba was created during the expantion of the caliphate . 2 -it was created to apply the islamic principle of advising people what is good and forbidding what is bad .3 -al muhtasibs job was to make sure that the traders didnt cheat people .Baghdad is both a national and a provincial capital. The governor (muhafiz) of Baghdad traditionally has been responsible to the minister of interior, and the city has been administered by a mayor.Leen and Najd leen
  • Banking System
  • Dawawin and Al-Wazara 1.Some dawawin were created to rule some areas.2.All the dawawin came under the control of Al-Wazeer.3.Al-Wazeer was appointed by the caliph.4.There are important dawawin like the Bayt al-Mal with was treasury.5.This dawawin controlled the money.6.Diwan Al-Jaish Was responsible of the army. The new post of Al-Wazara was also created in the Abbasid state. The minister was the most important advisor to the caliph . he helped the caliph to run the state. The first minister was Abu Salamah Al-Khallal
  • Police
  • the postal system that is also called the barid that have been develped by the abbasids that had been set up by the umayyads . the post offices were set up all over the caliphate. the post masters had to report to the central goverment what was going on their religions .they reported on the harvestments and the people who were rebelling against the rule of the caliphate. so the postal/barid system became an intelligence gathering service
  • Judicial System
  • For the Abbasids trading was very important it created wealth and it allowed them to get money and food the Abbasids created something very similar to the breaking system because they were no banks they created a transaction system that helps people buy things with credit like food and much more
  • PoliceThe Abbasids appointed people who were well educated in both religion. Abdullah ibn Tahir Al-Hussayn was a milatery leader. Who later became a Cheif of Police in Baghdad. During the time of Caliph Al-Ma Mun.1. Abbasids improved the existing police force.2. The Chief ( a leader or ruler of people ). He provided security for the caliphs and the caliphate. He also made sure that people behaved in a moral way(a right or wrong behavior).Name ShouqPartner Samira
  • A judicial system is the system of courts and judges SarahWhen the Islamic states grew the abbasids realized that they needed a strong judicial system so they expanded the system that they had into a bigger one they also decided that they needed a chief judge his name was abu Yusuf he was a famous chief judge during the rule of Harun al rash if they also employed other judges for example deputy judges clerks secretaries and bailiffs they also employed translators because of all the different languages spoken in the stateThe judicial system was independent of the caliph. For example, the chief judge was allowed to appoint and dismiss judges in different regions. 😁👍✔who apply the laws of a country
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