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Updated: 1/17/2020
science comic
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  • After weeks of planning, Ian decided to "kidnap" Ruby. He tried to sneak up on her, however he hadn't noticed...
  • A trip wire on the floor! It was connected to Ruby's security system and caused a very loud and flashy reaction.
  • With Ruby's hand in his, Ian fled the scene as authorities and newscasters arrived.
  • They did not delay fabricating a story.
  • Ruby Dium has been kidnapped from her home. Police believe that the kidnapper, Ian Owen Dean, aka I.O. Dean, is now negatively charged but not a threat to any other elements.
  • I'm reporting live from the Neon, Tungsten, Sulfur Broadcast.
  • Ne
  • W
  • S
  • Ruby's neighbours were then asked to comment.
  • It's so sad that Ruby's only electron will be added to I.O. Dean's orbit, but I'm confident that Ruby will find a way to be optimistic through this whole thing. She is positively charged after all.
  • As the mic was passed back to the reporter, she received an update about the situation.
  • Well, you don't say...This just in, folks. Ruby Dium and I.O. Dean have reportedly eloped! Their plan was to run away to be married, but I.O. Dean was not aware of the reaction that her security system would have.
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