Mr. Know All 1
Updated: 10/20/2020
Mr. Know All 1

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  • Oh, yes, we're sharing a cabin, I think
  • I am Mr. Kelada
  • Bit of luck, I call it. You never know who you're going to be put in with. I was jolly glad when I heard you were English.
  • Are youEnglish?
  • British to the backbone, that's what I am
  • Mr. Kelada was short and of a sturdy build, clean-shaven and dark skinned, with a fleshy, hooked nose and very large, lustrous and liquid eyes. His long black hair was sleek and curly. He spoke with a fluency in which there was nothing English and his gestures were exuberant. I felt pretty sure that a closer inspection of that British passport would have betrayed the fact that Mr. Kelada was born under a bluer sky than is generally seen in England.
  • Prohibition was in force and to all appearance the ship was bone dry
  • From each of his hip pockets he (Mr. Kelada) fished a flask and laid it on the table before me. I chose the martini, and calling the steward he ordered a tumbler of ice and a couple of glasses.
  • Whiskey and soda or a dry martini, you have only to say the word.
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