Summative Partial 3
Updated: 1/20/2021
Summative Partial 3

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  • Age of ExplorationSpanish Empire
  • In 1492, Columbus’s expedition set sail with three ships: the Niña, Pinta, and Santa María. After more than two months of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, the fleet spotted what would eventually be known as the Bahamas
  • He persuaded King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella I to sponsor his quest to find a westward route to China, India, and Japan
  • CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS: went to Spain and gained the support of the Spanish Monarchy
  • The crown took that as a chance to expand Spain's trading network and the Catholic Chruch hoped it would spread Christianity into the East
  • First Conquest
  • And it produced the Spanish way of life and administration
  • The first conquest was around 1492 to 1519
  • The fist Spanish explorers got to America in 1492
  • The places where the Caribean Islands and the south of Central America
  • Settlement colonies last approximately from 1519 to 1550
  • Settlement Colonies meaning: The military occupation of large areas of territory and the beginning of its settlement annd organization
  • Two of the most important conquerors are Hernán Cortés who was incharge of the conquest of the Aztec Empire (Mexico) and Francisco Pizarro who was incharge of the conquest of the Inca Empire (Perú)
  • The Settlement Colonies
  • The conquerors relationship with the natives wasn't great.There was a lot of disagreements between the two sides
  • The colonizers forced the natives to adapt and chance their religion to Christianity and they deprived them from their rights and old believes
  • They exploded the lands in search of it
  • Spanish colonizers searced for gold when they knew that their new lands where full of it