my covid story
Updated: 4/9/2021
my covid story

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  • the start
  • the struggle
  • the brutality
  • black lives matter
  • My name is Rafael Johnson i am 12 years old and i have two siblings one brother and one sister i am the middle child.
  • when they close school down i was happy no homework but just chilling but i thought wrong zoom is a struggle trust me if you stay at home you have to make sure you are on time and waking up early and go on every zoom link i think it is to much i never went to school during covid so i don't know how hard it is but wearing a mask for a long time i will not last.
  • things that were all over the new and social media caused a big fight and as you can see it was black lives matter since it was still covid it has been difficult for other people to be safe because when this all started people were going crazy staying in there homes on a nice day but when they shut everything down people went crazy no nba no football and no baseball people started looting like almost every store and it was scary and my number one wish is for this covid-19 to end.